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Keep your code under cover
with JCloak!

You don't give your competitors the key to your office ... why give them your Java source code?

JCloak, the original 100% Pure Javatm obfuscator!

What's the Problem?

Programmers love Java because it cuts development time, offers cross-platform compatibility, and makes it easy to re-use code ...

But if it's easy to re-use, it's easy to steal: The problem, then, is how to protect your intellectual property. The solution is JCloak.


  • The original 100% Pure Javatm, bytecode obfuscator
  • Complete packaging solution, jar, zip and cab support.
  • Makes reverse engineering virtually impossible
  • Reduces Applet size 30% or more
  • Versatile command line and easy to use GUI interfaces
  • Context sensitive help
  • Support for both Java 1 and Java 2 class formats.
  • Automatic reflection handling.
  • Automatic RMI handling, both Java 1 and 2 formats.
  • Automatic Serialization Handling.
  • Support for incremental obfuscation.
  • Parameterized project files.
  • Generates minimal obfuscated symbol names.
  • Exclusive "Divide & Conquer" system, maximizes the number of obfuscated symbols.
  • Competitive pricing blows away the competition

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