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About Force 5 Software

Force 5 Software, Inc. develops and markets solutions for JavaTM developers who are concerned with the protection of intellectual property. Our flagship product, JCloakTM, was the industry's first "100% Pure JavaTM" obfuscator, and the first to support Java 2.  It packages a Java product and protects it from reverse engineering.

At Force 5 Software we are firmly committed to fair pricing.  Under our "No Greed" pricing policy, licensees do not have to pay to report bugs or get access to maintenance releases. We can do this because we are a low overhead organization, and committed to staying that way.

We are also firmly committed to our community.  We believe that everyone is entitled to a decent place to live and raise his or her children. As such, a portion of our employees' time and our product revenues is donated to helping organizations such as Habitat For Humanity International, our local Peninsula Habitat and Silicon Valley Habitat as well as other charitable organizations.

Force 5 Software is a privately held California corporation. We are headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Corporate Background

Force 5 Software began in 1990, with the mission to deliver quality custom software solutions to the Internet development community. Since 1996 Force 5 Software has been focused on Java development tools.

Since the beginning of Java our clients have complained about two problems:

  • Java bytecode is too easy to reverse engineer.
  • Java Applets are too large to deploy on web pages.

After substantial research we determined that bytecode obfuscation was the solution. We investigated products and shareware available and found they had any combination of problems: they did little to reduce the symbol information, were too complicated or too expensive. We resolved to address these problems. Our solution was JCloak , conceived from the beginning to be "100% Pure Java".

JCloak version 3 shipped in early 1999, incorporating a number of performance enhancing features.

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