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Sunnyvale, CA. - October 25, 1999 - Force 5 Software's, a leading provider of Javaä code protection software, announced its JCloakä product was named "Best Of Show" in the Java code protection tools category at the SIGS Java Developer's Conference in San Jose, California.

"SIGS Conference attendees are hard core developers." said Steve Mayhew, Founder/CEO of Force 5 Software, "their choice of JCloak acknowledges our success in delivering solid Java source code protection that is easy to use."

Over 2,000 developers attended the 1999 SIGS Java Conference. Developer's cast their votes for products in seven different categories.

Force 5 Software

Force 5 Software develops and markets premier security solutions for the Java developer. Force 5's flagship product, JCloak, was the industry's first 100% Pure Javaä obfuscator, and the first to support Javaä 2.

Force 5 Software is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California.


San Francisco, CA. - June 15, 1999 - Today at JavaOne, Force 5 Software's flagship product, JCloakä , was awarded a Java Developer's Journal Readers' Choice award in the "Best code protection tool" category. Only last week JCloak was awarded a 'JARS Top 5%' rating.

The Java Developer's Journal Readers' Choice awards are given to the best Javaä products of the year. Vendors, public relations agents, product users, JDJ readers, developers and other members of the software community nominate and vote for their favorite products. Since the Java developer community votes on the products, the voting closely follows market share and product popularity.

"Considering JCloak was nominated late in the game, and Force 5 Software had not advertised to the JDJ readers, I am very pleased with this award." said Steve Mayhew, Founder/CEO of Force 5 Software, Inc. "Our customers know JCloak is the best Java code protection tool in the industry."

The Java Applet Rating Service, JARS, rates Java program submissions. JARS uses in-house personnel as well as an independent group of skilled judges to rate Java applications and applets.

"JARS is one of the most respected directory sites in the Java industry," said Ken Scott, CTO of Force 5 Software, Inc. "We are proud to be rated 'JARS Top 5%'."

Force 5 Software

Force 5 Software develops and markets premier security solutions for the Java developer. Force 5's flagship product, JCloak, was the industry's first 100% Pure Javaä obfuscator, and the first to support Javaä 2.

Force 5 Software is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California.

Force 5's JCloak Release 3.0 Sets Standard for Affordable Performance.

Sunnyvale, CA. - May 05, 1999 - While prices for Java bytecode obfuscation software have spiraled out of control, quiet Sunnyvale, California-based Force 5 Software has released Version 3 of JCloak, with a price/performance ratio that blows away the competition.

"We are pleased that Sun has chosen JCloak to obfuscate their Sun.Net (iPlanet) software.", says Steve Mayhew, CEO of Force 5 Software.  JCloak is the "only choice [for us]", according to Kevin Kalajan, Senior Staff Engineer/CTO, i-Planet "We chose JCloak for our Sun.Net product, because we got superior obfuscation software, licensed for our whole development team, for less than we would have paid the competition for a single user."

JCloak has the professional features you might expect to find only in higher-priced software (and some you won't find anywhere else):

  • Advanced Setup Wizard - An advanced graphic interface automates the choosing of most obfuscation parameters, which means no complicated rules to learn. (For users that appreciate greater control, JCloak has a powerful command line interface that integrates the obfuscation task seamlessly with the batch build process.)
  • 100% Pure Java™- JCloak is certified and committed to staying 100% Pure.
  • Automatic Reflection Handling - JCloak automatically detects reflection references and adjusts bytecode accordingly.
  • Advanced Multi-Pass Size Reduction - JCloak leads the field with an exclusive algorithm that "takes file-size reduction to the next level, via dead-code removal", according to Steve Mayhew, CEO of Force 5. "No other obfuscator has taken file-size reduction beyond the mere changing of symbol names."
  • Total Java 2 Support - JCloak was the first obfuscator to support Java 2 and is the only obfuscator that generates JAR files, allowing double-click execution for Windows/Solaris users.

JCloak customers include Fortune 500 companies and small startups: Sun Microsystems, MCI WorldCom, MPath Foundation, Inc (MPlayer.com), and Sony Online Entertainment.

Force 5 Software, Inc. announces full support for the next release of the Java(tm) Development Kit

Sunnyvale, CA. - December 08, 1998 - Force 5 Software, Inc. today announced JCloak version 2.6 provides full support for the next release of Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK(TM) version 1.2).  Sun announced availability of the next version of the JDK today during the Java(SM) Business Expo(SM) in New York. Force 5 Software Inc.'s JCloak, is the industry's first and only 100% Pure Java(TM) obfuscator.

"Java(TM) Development Kit version 1.2 ushers in a mind boggling host of new features and significant performance enhancements, which is a combination we rarely see in the software industry," said Steve Mayhew, president of Force 5 Software, Inc. "We are already experiencing the benefits of the new release in our own product. To say that the JDK 1.2 is a performance upgrade would be a great understatement: our obfuscator, JCloak, got a 300% boost in speed. Obviously, we are thrilled to support the new JDK. JCloak was the first of it's kind to be certified 100% Pure Java, and now is the first obfuscator to support the JDK 1.2."

"We are pleased that Force 5 Software's JCloak supports the JDK 1.2 platform" said Jon Kannegaard, vice president and general manager of the Java platform at Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java Software. "We are delighted with Force 5 Software's continued support of 100% Pure Java technology."

Force 5 Software develops and markets solutions for the Java developer who is concerned with the protection of intellectual property. Their flagship product, JCloak, is the industry's first 100% Pure Java obfuscator, the first to support the JDK 1.2, and the only obfuscator to reduce applet size up to 30% while protecting Java code from reverse engineering.

Force 5 Software, Inc. is a leading supplier of 100% Pure Java bytecode obfuscation solutions. Founded in 1990, Force 5 Software is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California.

Force 5 Software and JCloak are trademarks of Force 5 Software.
Sun, Sun Microsystems, Java, 100% Pure Java and JDK are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems Inc. in the United States and other countries.

JCloak is the First Java Obfuscator Certified "100% Pure Java(tm)"

Redwood City, California, June 16, 1998 - Force 5 Software announced today that Sun Microsystems, Inc. has certified JCloak(tm) "100% Pure Java." JCloak is the first Java Obfuscator to receive "100% Pure Java" Certification.

JCloak is a powerful, cross-platform development tool that safeguards the original work of Java programmers with a minimum of hassle.

"This certification is recognition of what our customers have known for some time - that they can protect their Java code and still preserve it's purity on any Java Compatible™ platform" said Steve Mayhew, Force 5 Software founder

JCloak is a complete Java bytecode and Java class file obfuscator which protects the intellectual property of software publishers by preventing decompilation and reverse engineering of Java programs. Without a Java obfuscator, anyone running your Java program can get your source code. By running JCloak, a programmer can easily render the class files unintelligible. A JCloak'd program is virtually impervious to reverse engineering.


"We considered other products but were not impressed. JCloak's interface, pricing and support all contribute to make this a superior product," says Albert Ting of Artisan Components.

Along with being easy to install and use, JCloak is highly configurable, which is a feature most developers appreciate. "Although the GUI is nice for the first time user, I really like that it has a command line interface. This makes it simple to maintain and I can easily submit my code in a batch file, " Ting adds.

"Our customers depend on Resonate's website management products to insure a high-level of security for their site. We depend on JCloak to insure that the security of our Java based management tools are not compromised and to protect our intellectual property investments in these products.", says Chris Kringle, Resonate's VP of Engineering

"The NSA requires us to disguise the encryption in PonyExpresso in order to sell it abroad, but we also needed a solution that was easy to run and wouldn't effect performance., JCloak has been the perfect solution." says Kevin Kalajan, Chief Technology Officer of i-Planet, Inc.

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