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Who We Are

Steve Mayhew, Founder

Steve began work on JCloak in 1997.

A seasoned industry veteran, with over 15 years of software development experience, Steve has managed all aspects of product development. Since 1996 Steve has been immersed in the development of both Java Applets and large scale applications. As a co-founder of New Hampshire-based Munin Technology, Steve developed Munin's successful BusLink product line and designed their FORM (fiber-optic reflected memory) product.

Steve has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and a Masters degree in Software Engineering from the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies, founded by Dr. Ann Wang.

Ken Scott, Java Disciple

Ken Scott brings tremendous user interface experience to Force 5 Software. Ken began developing user interfaces for MacIntosh in 1985, when the plastic was barely dry on the mold. He has many commercial products to his credit including MovieWorkstm from Interactive Solutions, an award winning QuickTime animation editor, and Synchronizetm from Crosswind Technologies, a networked calendaring and scheduling solution.

Ken's Java expertise dates from ancient times (mid-1996), with developments spanning the entire spectrum from client-server GUI development with JFC, to designing embedded software for Sun's microJava-501 Java chip.

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