About Force 5

Force 5 specializes in turnkey technology solutions that drastically reduce safety, security, and compliance risk in critical infrastructure enterprises.

Force 5 has more than 20 years' experience in physical security risk mitigation for the power utility industry.

Large-Scale Integrator Expertise

Force 5 was founded in 2000 to solve large-scale, complex integration problems for some of the world’s leading companies. The company was built on the development success of Chief Architect Robert Evelyn, who, for decades, has created innovative technology solutions for Fortune 100 industries and companies, including IBM and Ford, and holds several U.S. patents.

Today we specialize in hardware-software integration solutions for critical infrastructure companies, with particular strength in the power utility industry. Our team has extensive experience and know-how in power utility NERC/CIP compliance, macroscale risk assessment and mitigation, and continuous innovation to solve large-scale technology challenges.

Our Mission

To drastically reduce human risk in a power utility or critical infrastructure enterprise.

Let’s Talk

Let us show you how we can greatly reduce your safety, security, and compliance physical-entry risk.