Join us at PowerGen and
DistribuTech 2022

Learn to Drastically Reduce
Your Visitor Control Risk

January 26-28, 2022

We’ll be in Booth 3637 and will be demoing our innovative Gatekeeper product suite, an advanced software and hardware solution that enables power utilities to drastically reduce their entire risk profile—across financial, operational, reputational, compliance, and enforcement.



We look forward to meeting you and sharing how we can drastically reduce your compliance risk.

Robert Evelyn headshot

Robert Evelyn

Founder and Chief Architect

James Evelyn headshot

James Evelyn

Vice President

Peter Alvarez headshot

Peter Alvarez

VP Sales & Marketing

Mike Almeyda headshot

Mike Almeyda

Senior Account Manager and former CIP Compliance Auditor

David Johnson headshot

David Johnson

Account Manager

Mike Almeyda headshot

Mike Almeyda

Subject Matter Expert
Force 5, Inc.

Risk at Our Gates

Our industry’s siloed approach to managing visitors and contingent workers Is creating unacceptable risk. Catch Mike Almeyda, Force 5’s Enterprise Risk Management Strategist, for Thursday’s 2:00 Tech Talk.

Thursday, January 27

2:00pm – 2:30pm, Location: Room D227

Most power utilities have a fragmented approach to managing risk at their points of entry. Here, safety, security, and compliance often make decisions in silos and deploy a disconnected technology stack. At this intersection is great risk.

Geared toward safety and security leaders, we’ll provide examples from power utilities across all six NERC regions and discuss how we can strengthen the points of entry (from substations to generation to corporate lobbies) in every location of our critical enterprises.

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