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The All-In-One Platform That Eliminates Risk at Every Door and Every Gate in Your Power Utility

A Centralized Physical-Entry Platform That
Prevents Risk + Elevates Awareness

Some want to call it a visitor management solution, but Gatekeeper is so much more. Built on a CIP compliance framework, it’s a powerful risk-reduction platform that drastically reduces the safety, security, and compliance risk that occurs when visitors, contractors, and employees enter your BES facilities.

Built specifically for the power utility industry, Gatekeeper is turnkey, and it includes all the appliances, software, monitoring, and support you need to validate and enforce any requirement you have. It immediately eliminates risk at every location where it’s installed and will immediately consolidate and elevate your risk awareness. You’ll now know of safety, security, and compliance problems across the enterprise in real time.


With Gatekeeper, You’ll Finally Be Able To…

See Real-time Risk

Stop managing month-old problems. Gatekeeper will immediately shift your risk awareness to real time. You’ll be an enforcement superhero.

Use in Every Location

Industrial-grade hardware that works in generation, transmission, PSP, remote and unmanned sites—oh, and the lobby. Gatekeeper is the only platform built specifically for power utilities.

Stop cip Violations Before They Happen

Built on a NERC-CIP compliance software framework, Gatekeeper will stop violations before they occur. Period.

Automatically Enforce Physical-Entry Requirements

We don’t just log people that enter. We automatically enforce your policies. For safety, security, compliance, and any policy you want to enforce, use Gatekeeper to do so at every door and every gate.

Gatekeeper Enforces Entry Requirements for All These Departments

Most power utilities have a fragmented approach to managing risk at their points of entry. Here, safety, security, and compliance often make decisions in silos and deploy a disconnected technology stack. At this intersection is great risk. Gatekeeper consolidates the physical-entry requirements of every department and drastically pivots your risk matrix. Think security watchlists for contractors, CIP escort requirements for PSPs, COVID-clear requirements for control rooms, and safety-orientation validation for generation sites. All enforced in one platform at every door and gate.


Gatekeeper enforces safety and training requirements for visitors and contractors to enter power utility.


The Gatekeeper Platform drastically improves corporate security awareness and reduces physical security risk in power utilities.

CIP Compliance

Gatekeeper prevents NERC/CIP visitor control violations.

Central Maintenance

Gatekeeper helps power utility central maintenance enforce cost accounting.


Gatekeeper helps power utility generation plants enforce physical security.


Gatekeeper power utility transmission enforce physical security.


Gatekeeper help power utility distribution enforce physical entry requirements.

Everything You Need
to Eliminate Physical-Entry Risk

We include all the hardware, software, service, and best-in-class support to ensure your Gatekeeper Platform is always enforcing your physical-entry requirements, regardless of the emergency, climate, location, or sleepy operator.


Why Gatekeeper

Its advanced architecture drives always-on technology that delivers superior risk reduction.

Gatekeeper is the only visitor management solution built specifically for power utilities.

Built for Power Utilities

Built for the industrial environments and the unique compliance and safety/security requirements of power utility companies with 100+ locations

That iPad will fall apart outside your corporate lobby. Gatekeeper’s industrial-grade equipment is built to work in transmission, generation, and distribution—everywhere you’re not pushing paper.

Industrial-Grade Hardware

While others build products that work well in a lobby, our industrial-grade hardware is built for every indoor and outdoor location you have.

With Gatekeeper’s best-in-class always-on support, we’re driven to ensure your visitor management is always enforcing your physical entry requirements.

Always-On Software Architecture

We’re obsessed with execution, and we’re driven to ensure your product works in any location, in any condition, at all times. Device heartbeats for proactive real-time monitoring and software that runs with no connectivity are simple examples of a superior product driven to keep you Always On.

Best-in-class support so you’re always enforcing the CIP physical-security standard.

Best-in-Class Support

Our Always-On Support Model means our solutions are warrantied, proactively monitored, fully supported, and addressed immediately to ensure maximum real-time effectiveness—all the time.

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Gatekeeper by Force 5 actively enforces CIP-006 escort requirements for every location in a power utility.

Built for NERC/CIP

No other solution on the market is built to leave you Always Audit Ready. Our advanced workflows and automatic enforcement will change your culture toward active compliance.

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Gatekeeper includes 5-year warranties on most hardware and software so your visitor management solution is always enforcing.

5-Year Warranty

Up to 5-year warranties on most hardware and software, including bug and defect support

The Gatekeeper Platform is turnkey. It includes all the hardware and software you need to enforce your power utility’s physical-entry requirements.

Turnkey Solutions

We won’t sell cookie-cutter solutions that don’t fit all your use cases. We’re experts in complex integration. Our complete hardware-software solutions integrate with your enterprise stack—in every department, every environment, and every location. If we don’t have it, we’ll develop a solution that fits—because we’re innovators.

With Gatekeeper, you’ll have real-time risk awareness, across every location, for safety, security, and CIP compliance.

Analytics to Discover Your Risk

Our analytics dashboard allows you to see safety, security, and compliance risks in real time across every location. Not just situational awareness, it’s data to help you proactively reduce your risk profile.

Customer Testimonials

We have a way to manage risk that wasn’t possible before. In the sites Gatekeeper is deployed, I don’t have to worry about. I can’t say the same for the others.


— Enterprise Manager of NERC-CIP Compliance

[Gatekeeper] is so simple to use that I’m sure my 9-year-old could easily use it.


— K. H., Lead IT Analyst, G&C

Folks who forget to log out can’t hide anymore!


— Bill T., Manager, NERC Assurance

These are logs I can actually read!


— Joe F., ECC Supervisor

We moved away from another electronic solution that wasn’t written for the [CIP-006-R2] standard. It wasn’t as effective. We don’t need a backup method [with Gatekeeper]. We’re completely confident that the system will always be available, and the support is exceptional.


— Former WECC Auditor, CIP Team, Corporate Security Group

Gatekeeper will relieve the switching desk of hundreds of time-consuming and distracting phone calls each day. It will allow operators to focus on safety and switching tasks without the constant interruption of calls to check in and out of substations.


— Thomas F., System Operator

We have real-time visibility of people in CIP areas and know about risk right away. I used to have to wait over a month to know what my exposure was. Now we can quickly understand where the problem is and address it immediately.


— Senior Governance + Risk Analyst, NERC/CIP Program Management

It’s Not Visitor Management.
It’s Visitor Enforcement.

Gatekeeper goes far beyond off-the-shelf visitor management solutions. The only platform built for the power utility industry, Gatekeeper’s overbuilt technology will automatically enforce every entry policy you have and drastically reduce your safety, security, and compliance risks.

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Our Commitment to Reducing
Your Risk

Our primary goal: To drastically reduce risk when someone enters your power utility or critical infrastructure enterprise.  We pair overbuilt technology with ridiculous support and managed service to ensure every single person entering any door or gate in any facility is validated against your safety, security, and compliance requirements. 



Gatekeeper’s hardware and software are overbuilt to ensure they are always on and always enforcing your physical entry requirements.

Always-On Technology

From device heartbeats to software that works with no connectivity, every detail of our technology is overbuilt to ensure your safety, security, and CIP physical-entry requirements are always met.

The Gatekeeper Platform is turnkey. It includes all the hardware and software you need to enforce your power utility’s physical-entry requirements.

Complete Hardware-Software Solution

No need to patch together various systems. Gatekeeper includes all the hardware, software, warranty, and support you need to start preventing CIP-006 violations and enforce your safety and security policies.

Best-in-class support so you’re always enforcing the CIP physical-security standard.

Always-On Support

Our Always-On Support Model helps ensure Gatekeeper is always enforcing compliance requirements.

Visitor management doesn’t actively enforce CIP-006 physical entry requirements for power utilities.

Built on a Compliance Framework

Off-the-shelf products won’t enforce your NERC/CIP requirements. That’s our strength. Gatekeeper was built first as a CIP-006 visitor control platform to ensure you’re always in compliance.

At Force 5, we continuously innovate around power utility safety, security, and compliance threats and requirements.

Your Strategic Innovation Partner

We continually innovate around client- and industry-specific needs. You’ll benefit from continuous rollouts of agile innovations that make you a risk prevention hero.

Use Everywhere Across Your Power Utility Enterprise

While standard visitor management solutions are built for the lobby, Gatekeeper is built for every industrial setting across your enterprise—indoors or out, hurricane or dusty heat, unmanned facility or corporate lobby.

Power Plants

Renewable Sites


Staging Sites

Control Centers



Rollout Ready in 90 Days

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