An Effective Control
for CIP-006 Audits

Audit proven by some of the largest utilities in all NERC regions

+ Years of
Successful Audits

NERC CIP-006 Audit

NERC/CIP Audit Proven

With more than seven years of successful NERC/CIP audits, Gatekeeper has been reviewed and accepted by auditors in all six regions.

Some of the largest power utilities in North America have Gatekeeper deployed in their high- and medium-impact sites where they’ve drastically reduced possible and/or alleged CIP-006-R2 violations.

Built for CIP-006-R2 Visitor Control

Gatekeeper isn’t an off-the-shelf visitor management solution. Its unique escort-centric workflow was specifically built to enforce CIP-006-R2 requirements and be an effective control for the standard. Every detail of our overbuilt hardware and software prevents violations and keeps you Always Audit Ready.

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Fulfills Escort Requirements

Built to automatically enforce CIP-escort requirements, which are common errors with paper or off-the-shelf visitor management use.

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Technology is Always On

Gatekeeper’s software and hardware are overbuilt to ensure you’re always capturing visitor info and enforcing requirements. Backed by warranties and ridiculous support, you’re never left without a working capture device.

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Strong Internal Controls that Enforce CIP-006-R2

Gatekeeper’s robust internal controls proactively stop log issues in real time. Warnings that escalate, field validation, SMS and email alerts, and more all work to ensure data is entered correctly and completely for every visitor, contractor, employee, and escort.

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Audit Prep in Minutes

Gatekeeper cuts 95%+ of your compliance admin and audit-prep costs. Our innovative automation will immediately scale enterprise-wide, significantly reducing large-scale audit prep time from weeks to seconds. No more cleaning up incomplete logs. No more traveling from site to site to gather data. You’ll be Always Audit Ready.

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Reports that Are Always Audit Ready

Because Gatekeeper’s workflow is built with audits in mind, reports for a CIP-006 audit request are in the format needed for your auditor. Better yet, they’re generated with the push of a button.

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Built alongside Power Utilities

We built the Gatekeeper Platform alongside power-utility leaders to create an integrated hardware-software solution that continuously enforces, in real time, the CIP-006 compliance requirements for anyone entering your facilities.

What they’re saying

We could tell you about our products, but we’d rather our customers did.

“We were using another electronic solution. It didn’t work all the time, and we were in jeopardy of CIP-006-R2 possible violations because of it. We had to reinstate manual logging—with all its pain points—as a backup to prevent possible violations. We found Gatekeeper and deployed it enterprise-wide. We’re completely confident that the system will always be available.”

— Former WECC Auditor, CIP Team + Corporate Security Group

“We have real-time visibility of people in CIP areas and know about risk right away. I used to have to wait over a month to know what my exposure was. Now we can quickly understand where the problem is and address it immediately.”

— Senior Governance + Risk Analyst, NERC/CIP Program Management

“Gatekeeper elevated our [CIP-006] compliance posture by providing real-time data on individuals accessing our regulated areas. It helps us keep a pulse on all visitors.”

— Courtney M., Compliance and Risk Analyst, Corporate Security

“With Gatekeeper’s reporting, we pull required compliance reports for 100+ sites quickly and efficiently.”

— Courtney M., Compliance and Risk Analyst, Corporate Security


Start Automating Next Quarter

Get ready for your next CIP audit now; the Gatekeeper Platform is rollout-ready in 90 days. As soon as next quarter, you could be automating your visitor control compliance across every location in your enterprise.

It’s Not Visitor Management.
It’s Visitor Enforcement.

Gatekeeper goes far beyond off-the-shelf visitor management solutions. The only platform built for the power utility industry, Gatekeeper’s overbuilt technology will automatically enforce CIP-006-R2 requirements and drastically reduce your compliance risks. Its unique, escort-centric workflow was explicitly built to enforce CIP visitor requirements and provide you with an effective control for the standard. Every detail of our advanced hardware and software prevents violations and keeps you Always Audit Ready.

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Start Preventing Violations in 90 Days

Getting started is easy. We’ll walk you through our white-glove assessment + due diligence process for your internal stakeholders. Deployment–>active enforcement at every location takes only 90 days. Let’s get started.





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Start Preventing Violations

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Need a Solution that Works for Other Departments Too?

You need an enterprise-wide, visitor-management-type solution that nails compliance enforcement and works for safety, security, the lobby, generation, transmission, and PSPs. The Gatekeeper Platform has you covered.

Everything you need to enforce requirements for corporate security, safety, and NERC/CIP compliance is included.