A Visitor Control Platform that Prevents CIP Violations

Automatically enforce CIP-006 at every location.

You Likely Have 1,000s of Visitor Control Errors Right Now

CIP-006 (visitor control) is a top-ten source of NERC/CIP violations almost every year. To understand why, we analyzed more than one million visitor data points from high- and medium-impact sites. The data suggests that most utilities have thousands of CIP-006-R2 errors (which could become violations) at any given time, especially companies with a high volume of geographically dispersed PSPs. Here’s why.

Common Violation Sources

The problem lies in enforcement. Most entities have a hybrid solution aimed at fulfilling visitor logging requirements—a logbook, consumer-grade tablets with an app, off-the-shelf visitor management software—but these solutions aren’t enforcing the CIP requirements.

Visitor management doesn’t actively enforce CIP-006 physical entry requirements for power utilities.

Only Passive Enforcement of the Standard

Paper and visitor- management software don’t actively enforce CIP requirements, so violations slip through.
To ensure CIP-006 compliance, your team needs real-time awareness of possible violations.

No Real-Time Awareness of Compliance Risks

Compliance officers tell us they only have lagging awareness of potential violations and can’t catch issues in real-time.
To enforce CIP-006 compliance across your entire power utility enterprise, compliance teams need centralized oversight.

No Centralized Insight into All Locations

Without real-time oversight across all locations, it’s impossible ensure continuous compliance.
Many CIP visitor control violations happen because visitors and contractors can easily bypass requirements in your software and hardware solutions.

Easy to Bypass Requirements

Employees, visitors, and contractors can easily bypass CIP required items, such as logging out and having a valid escort.
Learn how Gatekeeper actively enforces NERC/CIP-006-R2 requirements.

Be Always in Compliance

Ditch the “get everything cleaned up before the audit” routine. With Gatekeeper, you’re Always in Compliance. Automated enforcement works for you in real time to prevent visitor control violations before they happen.

1.5 MM

Violations Stopped

Gatekeeper has automatically prevented more than 1.5 million CIP-006 visitor control violations.

Audit Proven

More than eight years of successful CIP audits across all six NERC regions. No violations found where Gatekeeper was installed.



We can’t tell you who, but we can say that several of the largest utilities in North America have Gatekeeper installed in all six regions.

6 MM

Visits Protected

Gatekeeper has enforced CIP requirements for roughly 6 million visitor and contractor visits.


Fewer Violations

You’ll see a 95%+ reduction in CIP-006-R2 possible violations and fines.

Trusted—and Proven—by Some of the Nation’s Top Power Utilities

With thousands of installs in medium- and high-impact locations across all six NERC regions, Force 5 helps some of the nation’s largest power utilities drastically reduce their safety, security, and CIP compliance physical-security risk.

The Gatekeeper Platform is proven as an effective control for the CIP-006 standard in the WECC region.
The Gatekeeper Platform is proven as an effective control for the CIP-006 standard in the MRO region.
The Gatekeeper Platform is proven as an effective control for the CIP-006 standard in the TRE region.
The Gatekeeper Platform is proven as an effective control for the CIP-006 standard in the SERC region.
The Gatekeeper Platform is proven as an effective control for the CIP-006 standard in the NPCC region.
The Gatekeeper Platform is proven as an effective control for the CIP-006 standard in the RF region.

What they’re saying

We could tell you about our products, but we’d rather our customers did.

“The Force 5 team understands CIP compliance requirements. They ensure their products not only comply with CIP standards but they also worked with us to customize their product to meet our company’s approach to CIP compliance.”

— Courtney M., Compliance and Risk Analyst, Corporate Security

“If an escort forgets to log out, we know right away. We can quickly address to mitigate any risks rather than waiting over a month to review logs, pull video, and rely on the escort’s memory.”

— Michael W., SERC Region

“Gatekeeper eliminated errors of people logging in and missing data.”

— Hector G., Network Services Leader, SERC region

“The sites that have Gatekeeper deployed, I don’t have to worry about. I can’t say the same for the others.”

— Carlos M., Enterprise Manager of NERC CIP Compliance

Our Commitment to Your Compliance Success

Our primary goal: To help ensure you’re always in CIP-006 compliance. We pair overbuilt technology with ridiculous support and managed services to ensure every single person entering any door or gate in any facility is logged and validated and compliance requirements are enforced.

Visitor management that always enforces CIP requirements.

Always-On Technology

From device heartbeats to software that works with no connectivity, every detail of our technology is overbuilt to ensure your CIP-006 requirements are always met.
Best-in-class support so you’re always enforcing the CIP physical-security standard.

Always-On Support

Our Always-On Support Model helps ensure Gatekeeper is always enforcing compliance requirements.
Gatekeeper Platform is the only visitor management solution built to enforce NERC/CIP visitor standards.

Built on a Compliance Framework

Off-the-shelf products won’t enforce your NERC/CIP requirements. That’s our strength. Gatekeeper was built first as a CIP-006 visitor control platform to ensure you’re always in compliance.
We continuously innovate total visitor control solutions that drastically reduce your power utility risk.

Your Strategic Compliance Partner

We continually innovate around NERC/CIP requirements and client-specific needs. You’ll benefit from continuous roll-outs of agile innovations that make you a compliance hero.
The Gatekeeper Platform is turnkey. It includes all the hardware and software you need to enforce your power utility’s physical-entry requirements.

Complete Hardware-Software Solution

No need to patch together various systems. Gatekeeper includes all the hardware, software, warranty, and support you need to start preventing CIP-006 violations.

Start Preventing Violations in 90 Days

Getting started is easy. We’ll walk you through our white-glove assessment + due diligence process for your internal stakeholders. Deployment to active enforcement at every location takes only 90 days. Let’s get started.





On-site Testing + Due Diligence



Deploy +Set Up



Start Preventing Violations

The Gatekeeper Platform is the only visitor management built specifically to enforce CIP-006 requirements for power utilities.

Need a Solution that Works for Other Departments Too?

You need an enterprise-wide, visitor-management-type solution that nails compliance enforcement and works for safety, security, the lobby, generation, transmission, and PSPs. The Gatekeeper Platform has you covered.

Everything you need to enforce requirements for corporate security, safety, and NERC/CIP compliance is included.