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Turnkey, enterprise-level platform with successful audits in all six NERC regions

Gatekeeper: A Complete CIP-006-R2 Mitigation Solution

Everything You Need to Submit to Auditors

We’ll help you with your mitigation plan creation. We’ll supply the mitigating-measure details you need to prove how you will prevent future CIP-006-R2 violations when using The Gatekeeper Platform.

Everything You Need to Prevent Future Violations

The Gatekeeper Platform includes everything you need for your CIP-006-R2 mitigation solution. No cobbling together off-the-shelf hardware and visitor-management software that won’t enforce CIP requirements. Gatekeeper is a turnkey integrated solution built specifically for the CIP-006-R2 standard. It includes all the hardware, software, support, and warranties you need to prevent future violations, and it’s ready for rollout enterprise wide in 90 days.

Proven to Prevent CIP-006-R2 Violations

With 7+ years of successful audits across all NERC regions, Gatekeeper has automatically prevented more than 1.5 million CIP-006-R2 visitor control violations in the largest power utilities.

Industrial-Grade Hardware

That iPad will fall apart in the field. Our industrial-grade hardware is rugged tough and built to continuously prevent violations, no matter the location, connectivity, or climate.

Centralized, Overbuilt Software

From device heartbeats to software that works with no connectivity, every detail of our technology is overbuilt to ensure your CIP-006-R2 requirements are always met.

Always-On Support

Our Always-On Support Model helps ensure Gatekeeper is always enforcing compliance requirements, regardless of malfunction, connectivity, or operator error.

Rapid Deployment

Ready for rollout enterprise wide in 90 days. We’ll install, train your team, and white glove your deployment. Check “find a mitigation plan” off your list.

Trusted—and Proven—by Some of the Nation’s Top Power Utilities

With thousands of installs in medium- and high-impact locations across all six NERC regions, Force 5 helps some of the nation’s largest power utilities drastically reduce their safety, security, and CIP compliance physical-security risk.

WECC Region
Midwest Reliability Organization Region
Texas RE Region
SERC Region
NPCC Region
RF Reliability First Region

What they’re saying

We could tell you about our products, but we’d rather our customers did.

“We moved away from another electronic solution that wasn’t written for the standard. It was not as effective. We don’t need a backup method [with Gatekeeper]. We’re completely confident that the system will always be available, and the support is exceptional. “

— Former WECC Auditor, CIP Team + Corporate Security Group

“We found possible violations in our CIP-006 mock audits. Using paper logs across many locations created a constant lagging risk awareness of any problems, and we were reacting to everything after the fact. We deployed Gatekeeper to replace our paper logs and suddenly found we could see and manage risk in real time. That was never possible with paper.”


— Enterprise Manager of NERC CIP Compliance

“We have real-time visibility of people in CIP areas and know about risk right away. I used to have to wait over a month to know what my exposure was. Now we can quickly understand where the problem is and address it immediately.”

— Senior Governance + Risk Analyst, NERC/CIP Program Management

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No piecing together a technology stack

Gatekeeper includes all the hardware, software, and support you need to deploy a mitigation plan in 90 days.

Paper, Policy, and Off-the-Shelf Solutions Don’t Work

Paper is probably what got you here in the first place. While process checks and corrective measures might move the needle, you’ll still have possible violations. There’ll still be an incorrect log, data missing, or an escort that didn’t log out somewhere in one of your facilities. Only solutions that automatically enforce CIP requirements around the clock can meet visitor control requirements and help you be Always in Compliance.

We moved away from another electronic solution that wasn’t as effective. We don’t need a backup method [with Gatekeeper]. We’re completely confident that the system will always be available, and the support is exceptional.”

— Former WECC Auditor; CIP Team, Corporate Security Group

Your Next Audit: Push of a Button

Data That Is Always Audit Ready

Because Gatekeeper’s intake workflow is built with audits in mind, reports for your next CIP-006 audit data request are pre-formatted for your auditor. The evidence you need to prove the standard is being met is generated with the push of a button.

We Know How to Prevent CIP-006-R2 Violations

We know the CIP-006-R2 requirements possibly better than your compliance team. With the singular aim of ensuring violations are prevented, we overbuilt a robust hardware-software integrated platform that’s not just a mitigation plan on paper but active in practice.

We can’t tell you who we work with, but we’ve been thoroughly vetted by Big 4 consulting firms, and they recommend us to top-tier utilities. One of the nation’s largest utilities slashed their CIP-006-R2 possible violations to less than 0.16% using Gatekeeper as a mitigation plan.

Roll Out Your Mitigation Plan in 90 Days

Getting started is easy. You have 90 days. Let’s get started.


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