Gatekeeper Mobile Muster Kiosk

Gatekeeper Mobile Muster Kiosks work in no connectivity and provide a near real-time roster of everyone in your power utility facility. Part of the Gatekeeper Platform.
When an emergency strikes in your power utility, Gatekeeper Muster is the emergency roll-call solution built specifically for the utility industry. Part of the Gatekeeper Platform, Gatekeeper Muster includes all the hardware and software needed for a near-real-time roster of everyone logged into your BES facility.

Gatekeeper’s Mobile Muster Kiosks provide fast, real-time mustering on a phone. Our rugged grab-and-go mobile devices automatically sync with Gatekeeper software even without connectivity. Enabled for emergency and Wi-Fi calls, our muster devices work hard offline, providing quick access to critical documents and equipping your muster captains to perform offline roll calls and mark visitors who’ve been accounted for.

Gatekeeper Muster

Fast, real-time mustering on a phone in any environment

Simple Grab-and-Go

Ditch the paper logs. In an emergency, our mobile muster devices automatically sync with Gatekeeper software. You’ll have a real-time roster of everyone currently logged into your facility along with their last known sign-in location.

Run a Mobile Roll-Call

Capture info during an emergency on any cell phone.

Muster Offline

No connectivity needed; will run with no infrastructure and works offline.

Access Critical Docs

You’ll have access to critical documents offline, like plant layout and sitemaps, procedures, and safety docs—all stored on your device.

Built for Emergencies

With an all-weather IP66 and IP68 dust- and water-resistant design, our rugged devices are glove and rain touch-enabled and allow for emergency phone calls.

Meets Muster Requirements

Supports your OSHA-required muster procedures

Optional Accessories

Holster, pistol grip, passive stylus pen, five-device charging bay, and carry straps


Download the Gatekeeper Mobile Muster Product Data Sheet.

Product data sheet for Gatekeeper Mobile Muster Kiosks: the emergency evacuation and mustering platform built for power utilties.