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A centralized visitor platform that

drastically reduces safety risk
when anyone enters your facilities

The Gatekeeper Platform drastically improves your enterprise-wide safety awareness and reduces safety risk. Training requirements enforced—everywhere. Policies enforced—automatically. Risk dashboard you can see—anywhere.


Built for power utilities with 100+ locations, Gatekeeper eliminates safety risks by automatically enforcing every policy you have when anyone enters any location in your enterprise.

Safety Solutions

Enforce Training Requirements

Validate and enforce every training requirement every time they enter.

Safety Solutions

Emergency Muster

When disaster strikes, Gatekeeper is ready.

Automatically Enforce Safety Everywhere

Off-the-shelf visitor management isn’t built for industrial settings, and it doesn’t actively enforce your safety requirements.

Built for power utilities with 100+ locations, Gatekeeper’s robust architecture and industrial-grade hardware drive real-time, automated enforcement. Think generation, transmission, PSPs, and unmanned sites—every door and every gate across your entire enterprise.


Power Plants


Renewable Sites




Staging Sites


Control Centers





Built for

Gatekeeper is the only platform built specifically for the power utility industry. 

Force-5-Icon-Industrial Grade Hardware

Built for the Field

While Gatekeeper can validate your visitor requirements in a lobby, it was originally built for the field. Rugged tough, Gatekeeper can withstand almost any environment you face. It automatically enforces, by itself, in unmanned or low/no connectivity sites to continually provide real-time awareness and insight into current risks—enterprise wide from one dashboard.

Constant innovation with the most technologies.

Works in Every Location

Transmission, substations, generation, PSPs, control rooms, and, yes, lobbies

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Built for Safety, Security & Compliance

It’s kind of silly to have different systems for different departments. Gatekeeper handles logging, validation, and enforcement for any department, any policy, at any location, for any type of person entering, with or without your personnel present. It’s truly the all-in-one platform for safety, security, and compliance. 

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Turnkey, Enterprise Wide

A complete hardware-software solution, the Gatekeeper Platform can easily integrate with your existing hardware, including access control, to actively enforce your  security policies and drastically reduce your risk.

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Superior Validation Technologies

Leverage facial recognition and fingerprint technologies to ensure accurate validation of every person entering your facilities.

Trusted—and Proven—by Some of the Nation’s Top Power Utilities

With thousands of installs in medium- and high-impact locations across all six NERC regions, Force 5 helps some of the nation’s largest power utilities drastically reduce their safety, security, and CIP compliance physical-security risk.

WECC Region
Midwest Reliability Organization Region
Texas RE Region
SERC Region
NPCC Region
RF Reliability First Region

Actively Enforce Any Policy


Safety Orientation Validation and Enforcement

Automatically verify that every person entering every location has the training they need, and enforce your policies around granting them entry.


Enterprise-Wide Watchlist

Catch that bad actor that leaves one location only to enter another.

COVID Test or Vaccination

Validation and enforcement


Contact Tracing

Emergency Muster

When an emergency strikes, you need a muster solution that works with no connectivity and helps you quickly access the people and files you need.


Location-Specific Requirements

Your PSPs and generation sites likely have different policies to enforce than your lobby.


Kiosk-Specific Requirements

Your contractor gate likely has different policies to enforce than your control room.


Active Enforcement at Unmanned Facilities

No safety or security personnel to validate and enforce your requirements? No problem. Gatekeeper excels in low/no connectivity locations with no safety or security team present.

Because safety and security risks don’t sleep, Gatekeeper’s Always-On technology is built on some of the most robust architecture in the industry—and backed by the best hardware-software support and warranty you’ll find.

Our Commitment to Your Safety Success

We pair overbuilt technology with ridiculous support and managed service to ensure every single person entering any door or gate in any facility is logged and validated and safety requirements are enforced.

5-Year Warranties


For products that are always on

Always-on Technology and Support

Technology + Support

A physical-entry platform that’s always enforcing your security

Industrial Grade Hardware


Built to last in every environment and climate

Let’s talk about how Gatekeeper can drastically reduce your power utility’s security risk.

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Need a Solution that Works for Other Departments Too?

You need an enterprise-wide, visitor-management-type solution that nails compliance enforcement and works for safety, security, the lobby, generation, transmission, and PSPs. The Gatekeeper Platform has you covered.

Everything you need to enforce requirements for corporate security, safety, and NERC/CIP compliance is included.