Meet the team driven to help you drastically reduce your risk.

Extensive experience and know-how in power-utility physical security, NERC/CIP compliance, macroscale risk assessment and mitigation, and continuous innovation to solve large-scale, complex technology challenges for Fortune 100 industries and the utility space.

Force 5 Founder and Chief Architect Robert Evelyn is a large-scale technology solutions innovator who solves complex integration problems for Fortune 100 industries and power utility companies.

Robert Evelyn

Founder and Chief Architect

James Evelyn: Force 5 Vice President and principal architect in the development of the Gatekeeper Platform—an advanced software-hardware solution that enables power utilities to drastically reduce their physical-entry risk profile for safety, security, and NERC-CIP compliance.

James Evelyn

Vice President

Force 5 Vice President of Sales & Marketing Peter Alvarez has over 20 years of experience in delivering digital, enterprise-scale solutions that automate, transform, and solve complex customer requirements utilizing cloud and on-premise solutions.

Peter Alvarez

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Chuck Cavaness, Vice President of Engineering at Force 5, ensures compliance with NERC-CIP standards and a best-in-class technology stack to enforce power utility physical-entry enforcement.

Chuck Cavaness

Vice President of Engineering

Hector Gongora, Force 5 Director of IT & Managed Services, ensures the Gatekeeper Platform is always on and enforcing a power utility’s safety, security, and compliance physical-entry requirements.

Hector Gongora

Director of IT & Managed Services

Senior Director of Compliance Tools and Services and power utility industry veteran Joel De Granda leads feature innovation of our Gatekeeper Platform.

Joel De Granda

Senior Director of Compliance Tools & Services

About Force 5

Force 5, Inc. is a leading risk management company that helps power utility companies automatically enforce their compliance, safety, and security policies—at every point of entry in every location.