Hector Gongora, Force 5 Director of IT & Managed Services, ensures the Gatekeeper Platform is always on and enforcing a power utility’s safety, security, and compliance physical-entry requirements.

Hector Gongora, MBA

Director of IT & Managed Services

Hector Gongora, Director of IT & Managed Services, oversees hardware and software operational availability and supports our core value of Always-On Solutions. Leading our installation, managed services, and support group, Hector’s teams drive our Always-On Support Model, which has one singular focus: to ensure our solutions are always enforcing your physical-entry requirements, regardless of malfunction, climate, connectivity, or operator error.

With 15+ years of utility industry experience, including ten years as a network services manager ensuring compliance to NERC, FERC, and SERC SCC standards, Hector is highly skilled in automating and optimizing processes through technology. His ability to bring together people, processes, and technology will allow Force 5 to increase customer confidence by delivering stability and reliability.

Hector has a BS focused in computer engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Florida International University.