Force 5 Founder and Chief Architect Robert Evelyn is a large-scale technology solutions innovator who solves complex integration problems for Fortune 100 industries and power utility companies.

Robert Evelyn

Founder and Chief Architect

Robert Evelyn, Founder and Chief Architect of Force 5, Inc., has a passion for developing innovative solutions to large-scale technology problems. His expertise is in using leading technology to creatively solve complex integration problems. For over 40 years, Robert has created custom solutions for Fortune 100 industries and companies, including IBM and Ford, and he is recognized as a proven thought leader by many industry analysts and the U.S. Patent Office.

Robert began his career at age 16, when he began programming a complete accounting suite and launched his first company. He spent 13 years in engineering, development, and sales at IBM, where he developed a leading-edge, unified messaging platform that was deployed throughout IBM and among its customers. When he left IBM to birth an integration startup, IBM became his first client.

Force 5 began in 2000 as a wireless communications and integration company, providing real-time, automated manufacturing communications to dispatch mechanics in the era of beepers. Over time, it grew to innovative solutions specifically for the power utility industry. Force 5’s strong internal developer team has deep experience in security, compliance, and risk mitigation, as well as with solving complex information system issues with enterprise-grade implementations. Today, Force 5 continues to create innovative products that help power utility companies drastically reduce their physical-entry safety, security, and compliance risks.