Force 5 Rolls Out COVID Screening Solutions for Power Utilities

Protect your workforce with COVID-19 solutions by Gatekeeper

Miami, FL—May 22, 2020—Force 5, Inc. today announced the rollout of a new COVID-19 screening solution for power utility companies. The rollout is a new feature of its policy and visitor enforcement solution, Gatekeeper, and it aims to proactively reduce COVID-19 risk in utility environments.

Features of the rollout include at-home and on-site health screening attestations, thermal imaging cameras, temperature screening certificates, touchless kiosks, and contact tracing.

As nonessential workers begin to re-enter the workforce, critical entities like power utilities need solutions to mitigate COVID exposure and risk for their critical personnel. Gatekeeper simplifies this safety measure by not only screening every employee and non-employee but also enforcing a company’s policies around COVID-19.

COVID-19 Screen Solutions

“Our power utility customers, like other critical infrastructure enterprises, are driven to ensure the safety of their employees. They also want to ensure the reliability of power for their consumer clients. Gatekeeper’s new COVID solutions are a step toward streamlining their work-access process for any visitor, employee, or worker entering any location in their company, whether a lobby, remote facility, or PSP,” said James Evelyn, Force 5 vice president.

Deployed in some of the nation’s largest utilities, the new health-related features from Force 5 will help utilities quicky roll out their new health-screening and verification requirements enterprise wide and will work at any door or gate in a utility, whether indoors or out, manned or unmanned.

About Force 5, Inc.

Force 5, Inc. is the industry leader in automated enforcement for safety, security, and compliance in a power utility enterprise. Force 5’s flagship product, Gatekeeper, is a turnkey hardware-software solution that automatically enforces any policy or requirement. The only solution engineered specifically for CIP compliance, Gatekeeper is built for power utilities with 100+ locations, and it drives real-time enforcement at every door and every gate of a power utility. Gatekeeper’s robust architecture, industrial-grade hardware, and always-on support model aggressively pivot a power utility’s compliance from passive to active, leading to a significant reduction in compliance, security, and safety risk across the entire company.