Force 5 Celebrates 20 Years

Force 5 Celebrates 20 Years

Miami, FL (November 13, 2020)—Force 5, Inc., an industry leader in automated enforcement for safety, security, and compliance in the power utility industry, celebrates 20 years in business today.

Force 5 was founded in 2000 to solve large-scale, complex integration problems for some of the world’s leading companies. The company was built on the development success of Chief Architect Robert Evelyn, who, for decades, has created innovative technology solutions for Fortune 100 industries and companies, including IBM and Ford, and holds several U.S. patents.

Today, Force 5 specializes in hardware-software integration solutions for critical infrastructure companies, with particular strength in the power utility industry. Their team has extensive experience and know-how in power utility NERC/CIP compliance, macroscale risk assessment and mitigation, and continuous innovation to solve large-scale technology challenges.

James Evelyn, Force 5’s vice president and a principal architect in the development of their flagship product, Gatekeeper, says, “Our mission is to help critical infrastructure companies drastically reduce their physical security, safety, and compliance risk, and we have a rich history of solving these large-scale risk gaps, often by client request.

“Specifically in the power utility space, we have deep industry knowledge and decades of risk-mitigation and NERC/CIP experience. We’ve made it our mission to fully understand the industry, regulatory environment, risk threats, and our customers’ unique businesses. From there, we develop complete hardware-software solutions that deploy enterprise wide to quickly solve a utility’s risk challenges. If we don’t have it, we develop a solution that fits—because we’re innovators.”

Force 5’s development team runs an agile product development model, with product innovation and feature roll-outs every four weeks. “Business conditions and risk threats are perpetually evolving. We collaborate with clients continuously to solve their latest regulatory and safety/security risks in near real time.”

About Force 5, Inc.

Force 5, Inc. is the industry leader in automated enforcement for safety, security, and compliance in a power utility enterprise. Force 5’s flagship product, Gatekeeper, is a turnkey hardware-software solution that automatically enforces any policy or requirement. The only solution explicitly engineered for CIP-006, Gatekeeper is built for power utilities with 100+ locations, and it drives real-time enforcement at every door and gate of a power utility. Gatekeeper’s robust architecture, industrial-grade hardware, and always-on support model aggressively pivot a power utility’s compliance from passive to active, leading to a significant reduction in compliance, security, and safety risk across the entire company.