Force 5 Launches

Advanced Watchlist Enforcer Feature

for Power Utilities

Watchlist Enforcer Group Scan

Miami, FL—May 24, 2022—Force 5, Inc., an industry leader in automated enforcement for safety, security, and compliance in a power utility enterprise, will announce the launch of a new feature in its Gatekeeper Platform, the Advanced Watchlist Enforcer, today at PowerGen International. This new product feature will provide power utilities a more accurate method to validate contractors, employees, and visitors against their watchlists and to stop or clear physical entry at any door or gate, manned or unmanned, accordingly.

Force 5’s Advanced Watchlist Enforcer is the best-in-market at validating and enforcing security technologies because of its extensive matching methods in name, text-field identifiers, fuzzy-matching algorithms, and facial recognition. Its open architecture allows BES facilities to integrate with third-party watchlist datasets, like sex offender registries or criminal-records databases, for an added layer of physical security.

Watchlist Enforcer drastically increases security and safety at power utilities while reducing watchlist risks. Its dedicated interface within Force 5’s Gatekeeper Platform allows utilities to activate auto-enforcement of their watchlists at any location where Gatekeeper is used, including mobile kiosks. For security oversight, it offers granular reports for administrators and auditors, including history logs of every action taken by security officers.

Screening efficacy for watchlists as well as strong identity validation are now available in a clear and easy-to-use technology.

“Our advanced watchlist enforcement technology will help BES facilities drastically reduce the instances of watchlisted personnel slipping into a facility in which Gatekeeper is installed or a mobile Gatekeeper kiosk is used,” says James Evelyn, Vice President for Force 5, Inc. “Most people on your watchlist aren’t playing by the rules, and technologies that can’t ‘read between the lines’ won’t catch bad actors. To help, we developed our Watchlist Hit Score. Built from a multitude of facial, text, and fuzzy-matching inputs, this score arms security departments with much more detailed information as to why we believe this person is a match to your watchlist—even if they tried to misrepresent themselves.”

Gatekeeper’s watchlist technology will work at remote, unmanned, or self-service locations, which often comprise 70-90% of a large BES company’s fleet.

This Advanced Watchlist release comes on the heels of Force 5, Inc.’s facial recognition feature launch that was recently added to the Gatekeeper Platform.

To meet with Force 5, Inc. and to demo the product at PowerGen International, stop by Booth 3637.

About Force 5, Inc.

Force 5, Inc. is the industry leader in automated enforcement for safety, security, and compliance in a power utility enterprise. Force 5’s flagship product, Gatekeeper, is a turnkey hardware-software solution that automatically enforces any policy or requirement. The only solution explicitly engineered for CIP visitor-control requirements, Gatekeeper is built for power utilities with 100+ locations, and it drives real-time enforcement at every door and gate of a power utility. Gatekeeper’s robust architecture, industrial-grade hardware, and always-on support model aggressively pivot a power utility’s policy enforcement from passive to active, leading to a significant reduction in risk across the entire company.