Force 5 Receives Lenel Factory Certification

Miami, FL, October 15, 2019—Force 5, Inc. today announced that it has received Lenel factory certification and joined the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). Force 5’s Gatekeeper Platform interfaces with the OnGuard® access control system.

The Gatekeeper-OnGuard® combination creates seamless integration, rapid deployment, and immediate onboarding with enterprise power utility customers. Receiving Lenel certification and becoming further integrated with Lenel gives Force 5’s customers a simplified and immediate process for utilities that utilize the Lenel OnGuard® access control system.

Lenel Open Access

“This certification and joining of the Lenel OAAP is an exciting step for our Gatekeeper product. Existing OnGuard® users will greatly benefit from the advanced enforcement capabilities of Gatekeeper for their CIP compliance and safety and security risk plans. Onboarding of Gatekeeper will be immediate, and the seamless integration means entries and admin tasks performed in OnGuard® will simultaneously take place in Gatekeeper,” said Force 5 Vice President James Evelyn. “Events that happen in Gatekeeper can automatically be sent to alert personnel using OnGuard®, and this seamless integration means teams can realize the benefits of Gatekeeper while continuing to utilize OnGuard® with no disruption. This gives advanced enforcement without disruption.”

Gatekeeper’s advanced enforcement technology integrates with a power utility’s OnGuard® access control system, where Gatekeeper will actively enforce any defined policy, regulation, health screening, training validation, or business requirement. Alerts are actively pushed directly from Gatekeeper to Lenel and to the user.


About Force 5, Inc.: Force 5 is a leading risk-management firm that helps power utility companies automatically enforce their compliance, safety, and security policies at every point of entry in every location. Their advanced hardware-software integration solutions help critical infrastructure enterprises drastically reduce their physical-entry risk profile around people. Get in touch by calling (786) 259-0084, or visit the headquarters at 4390 SW 73 Ave, Miami, FL 33155. For more information, visit