Panasonic + Force 5 Case Study

Utility companies are faced with strict regulations regarding authorized access and perimeter monitoring at sites and, as a result, must employ the right software and hardware solutions to maintain “availability”—the regulatory process of documenting all contingent workers 24/7. With the goal of reducing utility companies’ risk profiles on site, Force 5 offers solutions to automate and enforce visitor documentation.

As part of these kiosks, computers or tablets are used to collect information from visitors, documentation that is then used to verify their identities and authorize entry. When outdated computer systems no longer met their customers’ needs, Force 5 searched for new devices that were rugged and durable and offered performance to support around-the-clock perimeter monitoring.


Based in Miami, Florida, Force 5, Inc. offers advanced technology solutions that work to drastically reduce the financial, operational, reputational, compliance, and enforcement risk profiles for power utility compliance. Their flagship product, the Force 5 Gatekeeper single unified platform, delivers active enforcement of compliance and safety regulatory requirements such as NERC CIP-006 and OSHA. Gatekeeper self-service kiosks operate unmanned, scanning badges or biometrics and automatically checking every requirement a utility sets for each worker. The kiosks must deliver around-the-clock enforcement, in both indoor and outdoor perimeter locations. To meet the demanding user, availability, and environmental requirements, Force 5 kiosks require the most rugged and robust hardware and software—needs that remained unmet by embedded technology from other vendors.


After evaluating vendors to meet these needs, Force 5, Inc. purchased TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 tablets and integrated them as part of its compliance access kiosks. With the additional durability, performance, and touch features necessary to provide 24/7 availability at utility sites, Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK tablets have become an integral part of Force 5’s Gatekeeper kiosks.


Equipped with TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 tablets, Force 5’s kiosks and internal software controls are able to effectively stop violations and threats in real time at the point of entry. With the embedded TOUGHBOOK tablets, Force 5’s kiosks are able to withstand the dust, vibrations, and extreme weather conditions often experienced at utility plants around the country. These devices provide the reliability that Force 5 demands in order to provide customers with Always Audit Ready compliance solutions.

Our Gatekeeper Kiosk in Action

“The performance, touchscreen quality and durability of the Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 tablets is unparalleled,” said Robert Evelyn, Founder and Chief Architect of Force 5, Inc. “We use these devices in our kiosks to provide the reliability and availability our customers need.”

The performance, touchscreen quality and durability of the Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 tablets is unparalleled.

Not only is the perimeter monitored via these devices but so is the general on-site population. The TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 tablets allow personnel to quickly and easily pull up roll call for use during emergencies to ensure that all parties who have entered the premises are accounted for. And whether implemented at a utility site in the heat of central Florida or in the mountains out West, dust, vibrations, and changing temperatures aren’t an issue for TOUGHBOOK devices, giving Force 5— its customers— peace of mind knowing that the devices won’t fail, regardless of a kiosk’s location.

“Our mission is to provide advanced software solutions to solve the industry’s most complex integration problems. Ultimately, Force 5‘s automated compliance solutions are stronger with TOUGHBOOK,” said Robert Evelyn, Founder and Chief Architect of Force 5, Inc. “We can trust that our devices will withstand the elements and won’t fail unexpectedly, ensuring full-time, consistent security and compliance readiness for our customers. With these unmanned kiosks, reliability is key, and we trust our TOUGHBOOK devices to perform around the clock— when utilities need them most.”

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