Why Choose Force 5

What Makes Us Different?

We engineer overbuilt products specifically for the power utility industry.

What Drives Us?

Solving complex integration problems is our breakfast. We’re obsessed with excellence. Delivering you solutions that always work and drastically reduce your risk is the topic of every stand-up.  And we’re innovators.

Large-Scale Integrator Expertise

For more than 20 years, we’ve solved large-scale, complex integration problems for Fortune 100 industries and companies and some of the biggest power utilities and critical infrastructure enterprises.

Power Utility Industry Expertise

Our team has extensive experience and know-how in power utility physical security, NERC/CIP compliance, macroscale risk assessment and mitigation, and continuous innovation to solve large-scale technology challenges in the utility space.

Overbuilt Products That Always Work

To automatically enforce your entry requirements, you need products that are always on. Our obsession with execution delivers superior hardware and software solutions that are always functional—whether in a climate-controlled lobby or an unmanned desert facility. Here are a few of the reasons Force 5 delivers superior product solutions.

Force 5’s visitor management includes industrial-grade hardware built to work in every location in your power utility, not just the lobby.

Industrial-Grade Hardware

Consumer-grade tablets and off-the-shelf visitor management software aren’t built to weather the rigorous environments of a power utility’s locations. Our industrial-grade hardware is.

With Gatekeeper’s best-in-class always-on support, we’re driven to ensure your visitor management is always enforcing your physical entry requirements.

Crazy Good, Always-On Support

Our solutions—both hardware and software—are warrantied, proactively monitored, fully supported, and addressed immediately to ensure maximum real-time effectiveness, all the time.

All Gatekeeper devices are proactively monitored, in near real-time, to ensure your visitor management is always enforcing your physical-entry requirements.

Proactive Device Monitoring

All hardware is equipped with device heartbeats for proactive, real-time monitoring.

Most Gatekeeper software and hardware includes up to 5-year warranties.

5-Year Warranty

Up to 5-year warranties on most hardware and software, including bug and defect support

At Force 5, we continuously innovate around power utility safety, security, and compliance threats and requirements.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous rollout of agile product innovations and feature rollouts

Not A Single Product—A Total Platform

Studies suggest that 75% of the utility industry uses a patched-together, hybrid solution stack to enforce their policy requirements.

We don’t create add-ons that leave your IT team supporting yet-another; we offer a complete system. The Gatekeeper Platform includes all the hardware, software, warranties, and full support you need to start enforcing your policies at every door and every gate. Need it to integrate with existing systems? No problem—we’re large-scale integrators. Stop buying off-the-shelf hardware or software to tie into your existing stack. Get a total solution with Force 5.


We’re not visitor management, we’re physical-entry enforcement. While anyone can scan a badge, our products are engineered to enforce your physical-entry requirements automatically. From our vast experience solving complex hardware-software integration problems for Fortune 100 companies, we develop products that actively stop your risk at the entrance. Regardless of where you put it, Gatekeeper automatically enforces every entry requirement you have.

Customer Focused, Continuous Innovation

Our agile innovation stems from solving real-time customer challenges from end to end. Instead of selling cookie-cutter, add-on products that only address part of a problem, we collaborate with clients to develop turnkey systems that integrate with their enterprise stack and provide a complete solution. If we don’t have it, we’ll develop a solution that fits—because we’re innovators.