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When a person enters any location in your power utility, there are compliance, security, and safety risks that enter with them—unless you stop them at the gate. The Gatekeeper Platform does just that. A powerful risk-reduction solution for power utilities, Gatekeeper includes all the hardware, software, and support you need to enforce your physical-entry requirements at any door or gate across your enterprise.

Gatekeeper Facial Recognition

Facial recognition significantly improves the accuracy of your utility’s identity validation. Compared to manual entry logs and non-bio-identifier tools, facial recognition is more reliable in result accuracy. It’s also less likely to be scammed. Where some identity-validation solutions can be easily gamed (think contractors passing QR codes or escorts passing badges at turnstiles), a bio-identifier like facial recognition eliminates this risk via unique identifier validation.

Gatekeeper takes it a step further and actively enforces your entry requirements: NERC/CIP visitor-control, OSHA, corporate safety, and security policies—any requirement for entering into any physical space. Think corporate HQ, generation sites, unmanned facilities, PSPs, and pop-up contractor entry gates—anywhere a Gatekeeper kiosk appliance or mobile kiosk is used.

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Facial Recognition Benefits for Power Utilities

Here are just a few of the ways facial recognition can significantly reduce the safety, security, and compliance risk across your BES locations.

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Validate Anyone

Validate any visitor, contractor, or employee’s identity. Simply activate facial recognition in any location a Gatekeeper fixed or mobile kiosk appliance is used.
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Validate at Unmanned Facilities

Start validating and enforcing physical-entry requirements at self-service or unmanned locations, which often comprise 70-90% of a large BES company’s fleet.
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Enforce Any Requirement or Policy

Gatekeeper validates and enforces entry requirements against your BES company’s watchlists, training requirements, restricted access verification—any requirement you define.
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High Speed at High Volume

Added to our suite of existing identifiers (badge, QR code, driver’s license, and fingerprint scanners), facial recognition empowers you to rapidly process a high volume of personnel while enforcing every safety, security, and compliance policy for that person to enter that specific area.
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With facial recognition, you know they are who they say they are. Where QR codes, badges, and manual entry processes can be passed among visitors or workers, facial recognition eliminates this safety, security, and compliance risk and validates with much higher accuracy.
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Reduce Overhead

Validate visitors and workers with self-service technology. Facial recognition’s accuracy coupled with Gatekeeper’s advanced enforcement technology will significantly reduce your vetting risk at a lower cost.

Facial recognition is now available on all Gatekeeper kiosk appliances, including mounted indoor kiosks, outdoor kiosks with climate protection, and mobile kiosk appliances. Use our built-in cameras or bring your own.

Let’s Talk Facial Recognition

We’re working with some of the nation’s largest utilities to automatically enforce their physical-entry requirements at every location in their BES facilities.

Gatekeeper facial recognition is ready for rollout with fast deployment. Let’s talk about how we can use facial recognition to drastically reduce the safety, security, and compliance risk that occurs when anyone enters any location in your utility.

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