Front Desk Visitor Management

Part of the Gatekeeper Platform, Front Desk is enterprise visitor control that equips your guards and receptionists with the ability to enforce your safety, compliance, and security physical-entry policies. Building upon our core values of log • validate • enforce • discover, Front Desk contains the standard visitor management functions you would expect, but it goes beyond simply logging a visitor to enforcing your policies and supplying actionable data forensics into your high-risk visitor areas.

Gatekeeper Front Desk is more than a simple visitor management system. With the most peripherals on the market, Front Desk allows you to process visitors at rapid speed and automatically enforce all your safety, security, CIP-006 compliance requirements and business policies in real time.

Front Desk Visitor Management Benefits

Active Visits and Recent Activity

Front Desk elevates risk awareness of visitor activity, with a quick glance at active, expired, and recent activity details, across every location in your utility. 

First-Time Visitors

Fast enrollment for new visitors

Access Device Control

Integrate with access control and prevent entry when your policies aren’t met. Gatekeeper Front Desk controls access devices like turnstiles with a point-and-click interface and gives your security and lobby teams the ability to remotely grant access or override any connected access device. 

Automatic Alerts

Automated alerts via SMS, text, or email to keep your compliance, safety, and security requirements enforced in real time, all the time

Label Printing

All the peripherals you need to go from dashboard to badge

Temporary Identifiers

Add and remove temporary badges quickly for short-term visitors.

Scheduled Visits

Know who’s visiting your facility, when, and why.

Download our Front Desk product data sheet.

More powerful than visitor management, Gatekeeper Front Desk is the only visitor enforcement solution built for power utilities.