Gatekeeper Kiosk Appliance

Part of the Gatekeeper Platform, Gatekeeper kiosks are the only escort-centric, self-service, physical access kiosks built to enforce every physical-entry requirement in your power utility. Integrated with Gatekeeper software, all of our kiosks automatically validate every visitor, contractor, and employee against location-specific safety, security, and CIP visitor control requirements.

Rugged technologies that are built for speed and reliability in all environments

Gatekeeper kiosks are rugged tough and are built for everywhere you process visitors, contractors, and employees in your power utility. Kiosk types include mobile, outdoor, fixed mount, pedestal mount, and wall mount.

We’re obsessed with execution, and our industrial-grade equipment is built—and proven—to survive harsh elements found in any location within your utility enterprise. Our unmanned and touchless self-kiosks are built for speed, with easy-to-use UI and quick-identifier technologies like NFC, RFID, biometrics, badges, and glove or stylus mode. And our Always-On Support Model means you can rely on these kiosks to be always available, regardless of location or condition.

Gatekeeper fixed-mount kiosks is industrial-grade visitor management hardware that automatically enforces CIP-006 physical security requirements.

Gatekeeper Fixed Mount Kiosk

Gatekeeper pedestal-mount kiosks are built to automatically enforce CIP-006 escort requirements.

Gatekeeper Pedestal Mount Kiosk

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Gatekeeper kiosk appliances are the only escort-centric, self-service, visitor management product built for power utilities.

The Gatekeeper kiosk provides the only escort-centric, self-service, physical access product built for not only logging but also enforcement of your safety, security, and CIP-006-R2 compliance requirements.