Gatekeeper Perimeter enForce Buildings

Gatekeeper Perimeter Enforce Buildings (PEBs) are the secure entry point you can pop up anywhere, lightning fast. Modular containers for temporary or long-term use, PEBs provide a portable, packaged solution for perimeter regulatory compliance, safety, and security. Each unit holds Gatekeeper kiosks and turnstiles for accurate logging, validation, and enforcement of all your safety, security, and compliance physical-entry requirements.

Force 5 Perimeter enForce Building

Gatekeeper PEB Key Benefits

Process Faster

High traffic flow? Handle it with Gatekeeper PEBs, quick-identifier technologies, and rapid always-on enforcement.

Lock the Turnstile Automatically

Control turnstiles unlock only when a valid worker is identified. No guard needed.

OSHA Compliance Reporting

Provide point-of-entry compliance for regulations like OSHA 1910.269.

Reduce Operational Risk

PEBs reduce operational risk through compliance-based access logging and persistent perimeter monitoring and security.

Built Rugged Tough

PEBs are strong, secure, and reliable structures built to withstand whatever environment they’re in.

Outage Management for Contingent Workers

Gatekeeper provides perimeter access control and logging for contingent workers in the event of an outage. Through the use of physical identifiers such as fingerprints, workers are verified and logged without the issuance of badges. Paired with our Contractor Management solution, workers can be assembled as groups and pre-scheduled in events for expedited access.


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