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The Only Visitor Management Solution
Built for CIP-006 Compliance

Year after year, CIP-006 ranks as a top ten NERC violation for utility companies. Our flagship product suite, Gatekeeper, includes everything a power utility needs to meet—and exceed—compliance around CIP-006-R2.

A turnkey software and hardware solution, Gatekeeper is the only visitor management system built specifically for NERC-CIP compliance. It can drastically reduce your possible violations and fines by 95%.

Learn how Gatekeeper can automate your CIP-006 R2 compliance.

Drastically Reduce Your CIP-006-R2 Risk

Gatekeeper: Automated Log + Validate + Enforce

Anyone can scan a badge, and our kiosks do much more than check in visitors. Because we log, validate, and enforce, Gatekeeper addresses the CIP-006 standards like no other. Rugged tough, our kiosks provide the only CIP escort-centric, self-service, physical access product built for compliance logging, validation, and enforcement.

Enterprise Visitor Management for Critical Infrastructure Enterprises

Internal Controls

Strong internal controls enforce whatever policy you have and deliver real-time CIP compliance—from entry to violation-free CIP audit reports with the push of a button.

Built for Utilities Automate Utility Visitor Management

Built for Utilities

Our obsession with execution delivers industrial-grade, rugged tough equipment that’s built—and proven—to survive the harsh elements found in any location within a utility enterprise.

Built for CIP-006 Automate Utility Compliance

Built for CIP-006

Our kiosks are the only CIP escort-centric visitor management solution on the market.

Reduce CIP-006 Compliance Violations Utility Enterprise

Reduce Human Performance Error

Automated controls drive a culture of ongoing compliance and drastically reduce self-reported, possible, and alleged CIP-006 violations.

Always On Support for Automate Utility Visitor Management

Always-On Support

Our Always-On Support Model means you can rely on these kiosks to be always available, regardless of location or conditions. From device heartbeats to warranties on products we didn’t build, we’re serious about our support.

Audit Tested Gatekeeper Automated CIP-006 Compliance for Power Utilities BES

Audit Tested

With five years of successful audits, Gatekeeper has been reviewed and accepted by auditors in multiple regions.

Off-the-shelf visitor management solutions, access control systems, and paper logs simply can’t deliver accurate logging or enforce policies. Without feedback, strong controls, and situational awareness, these systems are rife with human performance errors, which is the primary root cause of CIP-006 violations. One of the largest utilities in the U.S. successfully deployed Gatekeeper at its high- and medium-impact sites and saw violations plunge to 0.16%.

Let’s talk about how Gatekeeper can help you automate your visitor management system and drastically reduce your risk.

Let’s Talk

We’re working with some of the nation’s largest utilities to automate their CIP-006 visitor management programs. Our integrated hardware-software solutions are ready for rollout with fast deployment. Let’s talk about how we can drastically reduce your NERC-CIP compliance risk. We’ll follow up within a business day; in the meantime, we’ll send you a PDF explaining how Gatekeeper can automate your CIP-006 R2 compliance.

Force 5 Senior Account Manager Mike Almeyda is a former NERC/CIP auditor and CIP compliance manager who is driven to help power utility compliance teams drastically reduce their visitor control risk.

Mike Almeyda

Senior Account Manager

Force 5 Account Manager David Johnson is highly skilled at helping power utilities improve compliance, security, safety, and productivity while also reducing operating costs.

David Johnson

Account Manager

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