Gatekeeper Key BoxES

Enforce access to your physical keys—and employ key tracking—with Gatekeeper Key Boxes. These are no ordinary key cabinets. Each key box is integrated with the Gatekeeper Platform, which means all your safety, security, and compliance key-access requirements are automatically logged, validated, and enforced—no personnel needed.

Keys are accessed through Gatekeeper’s self-service kiosks, where your team uses quick-identifier technologies to request access. Gatekeeper enforces your key-specific access permissions through rapid always-on enforcement. Automated locking mechanisms keep the box secure.

Key box access activity is automatically logged by Gatekeeper, leaving a complete history and audit trail of who used what key and when. You’ll know the last person to check out every key, all the time.

Gatekeeper Key Boxes Key Benefits

Multi-key electronic key cabinets give you the ability to automate your safety and security for hundreds of keys. Use Gatekeeper Key Boxes for protected access to cabinet keys, door keys, task keys, and to track physical keys.

Manage hundreds of keys

With a limited footprint, reliable security, and the option to easily scale

Restrict Key Access

Restrict access and key-specific privileges for increased security.

Automate Retrievals + Returns

Automate key retrievals and returns with no need for supervision.

Capture Key Activity for Reporting

All key management processes are logged in Gatekeeper for reporting, auditing, and management so you’ll know who used specific keys at specific times. Generate reports and search historical log records in the Gatekeeper Platform’s dashboard.

Get Automatic Alerts

Mitigate risk through proactive email, text, and phone alerts when keys are out too long.

Use Existing quick identifiers

Use quick identifiers to expedite key management. For example, a corporate badge can be scanned to unlock a specific key for use. The person checking out the key can then easily return it to the secured box when they are finished using it.


Improve processing of key handling with full custody key tracking.

Download our Gatekeeper Key Box product data sheet

For advanced physical key management in your power utility, Gatekeeper Key Boxes will automatically enforce key-specific access permissions.