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NERC-CIP Visitor Control Compliance

The Gatekeeper Platform is the only visitor control solution built specifically for NERC/CIP-006-R2 requirements.


Gatekeeper is the only physical-entry enforcement solution built specifically for CIP-006-R2, visitor control.

Built for CIP Escort Requirements

Gatekeeper will automatically enforce the CIP-006-R2 escort requirements for power utility PSPs.

You’ll Be Always Audit Ready

Gatekeeper will enforce CIP physical-entry requirements for visitors in real time. With more than 7 years of successful audits in all NERC regions, it is deemed an “effective control” by auditors. Learn how Gatekeeper is built for CIP audits.

Use in Every Location

Gatekeeper’s self-service kiosks will enforce your safety, security, and compliance physical-entry requirements automatically. Use at remote, unmanned, or self-service locations, which often comprise 70-90% of a large BES company’s fleet. No guard needed. 

Safety for physical entry

The Gatekeeper Platform drastically improves your enterprise-wide safety awareness and reduces safety risk. Training requirements enforced—everywhere. Policies enforced—automatically. Risk dashboard you can see—anywhere. Built for power utilities with 100+ locations, Gatekeeper eliminates safety risks by automatically enforcing every policy you have when anyone enters any location in your enterprise.

Certification Tracking

Enforce your certification and training requirements every single time a person enters any power utility facility.

Emergency Muster

When disaster strikes, Gatekeeper works, without connectivity, to rally the troops to safety.

Physical Security

Off-the-shelf visitor management isn’t built for industrial settings and it doesn’t actively enforce your power utility’s security policies. Gatekeeper’s robust architecture and industrial-grade hardware drive real-time, automated enforcement. Think generation, transmission, PSPs, and unmanned sites—every door and every gate across your entire enterprise.

Gatekeeper PEBs

Pop up a turnstile perimeter enforcement building that automatically enforces your safety, security, and compliance requirements—at every gate.

Gatekeeper Front Desk

Enterprise visitor management built specifically for power utilities.

Gatekeeper Key Boxes

Multi-key electronic key cabinets gives you the ability to automate your safety and security for hundreds of keys.

Contractor Physical Entry